GALLERY TOTO TOTO’s state-of-the-art toilets, promoting the culture and technology of Japanese toilets to the world


Experience Japan's toilets,
and you will love Japan even more

GALLERY TOTOは、TOTOと成田国際空港が提案する、体感型トイレギャラリーです。
そして、日本の快適なトイレ文化を、ここ成田国際空港から世界に発信したい。そんな私たちの思いを、建築家のクライン ダイサム アーキテクツに委ね、世界の誰も見たことのないGALLERY TOTOが誕生しました。
GALLERY TOTOで、日本の最新トイレの素晴らしさを体感していただければ幸いです。

GALLERY TOTO is a digital gallery of toilets presented by TOTO and Narita International Airport. This delightful and engaging space is open to everyone. We would like to share the sense of toilet comfort that is so important in Japan from Narita International Airport to the rest of the world.
We called upon Klein Dytham architecture to develop our ideas and objectives into GALLERY TOTO. In the 100 years since its establishment in 1917,TOTO has continued in it's pursuit of developing user-friendly toilets for a diverse range of customers.
We invite you to experience the outstanding excellence of Japan's most advanced toilets here at GALLERY TOTO.

"Feel" Human
GALLERY TOTO was not established by just one person. Aiming to create the most unique space for toilets in the world, various people played important roles, including those from the architecture firm Klein Dytham Architects, filmmaker Yasuyuki Tamenaga, and dancers from the Strange Kinoko Dance Company. That we used the talents, techniques, and passions of many people to transform a mental image into reality perhaps symbolizes the craftsmanship of Japan. Craftsmanship lies in the hands of people. From the moment you enter our space, we hope that you feel this.
"Feel" Comfortable
You are on a fun yet hectic trip, traveling from country to country without taking much breaks. We believe that it is precisely in a situation like this that it is important that you stop by the airport bathroom and take a breather. This space becomes your own small oasis, where you can rest and let out a breath. We aim to create a space such as this – a clean and simple space in which you can sit down and experience true comfort. Combining all of the technical and design skills we have gained from developing toilets and toilet space since the founding of TOTO in 1917, we have expressed the comfort that travelers yearn for in the form of GALLERY TOTO.
"Feel" Technology
You can experience the latest toilets at GALLERY TOTO. Visit our gallery and you will realize that we have achieved the creation of an enriched bathroom by combining advanced functions with refined form. Since its founding, TOTO has continued to develop technologies to fulfill any and all wishes one may have regarding his or her bathroom. The Neorest is installed with numerous unique and original technologies; distinctive features include the "water saving function", as well as the "clean anti-bacterial water" that prevents dirtiness and maintains cleanliness.
"Feel" Design
TOTO products have a design philosophy. It is "quiet presence." These two words represent our commitment to produce high-quality and high-function products while maintaining harmony with the space these products are in. We try our best to quietly and deftly get close to the users' experience of daily life. GALLERY TOTO has implemented this philosophy through the playfulness and refined air of the spaces we design. Each room spells out TOTO, and the walls of each become a screen on which videos of unique dances revolving around the theme of toilets are shown. This is the only toilet space of its kind in the world, created by the designing talents of TOTO, architects, and a filmmaker.
"Feel" Japan
"What is Japanese culture? One aspect of it may be the subtle attentiveness the Japanese have for others, and the many delicate craftsmanship techniques that are born from such attentiveness." We believe that such elements of Japanese culture that are often difficult to explain in words could actually be physically experienced by people by using the limited space of a bathroom. And because their experience will be brief, it will remain in their memory for a long time. The aims and hopes of TOTO and Narita International Airport coincided, and the GALLERY TOTO was established at the bustling Terminal 2 as a space where travelers could experience Japan through toilets. From here, the image of Japan will spread across the world.



GALLERY TOTO features four stall rooms each for men and women,
as well as one nursing room and one multi-purpose room, for a total of ten rooms.

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The Gallery TOTO at the Narita International Airport is located in the communication passage of the NARITA SKY LOUNGE "WA", which connects the Terminal 2 and the Satellite (annex).


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Here we introduce an immersive walk-through video of the Toto Gallery.
From the facade of the toilet to the private room filled with surprise and fun, experience it through the video.

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Link to Toilet Space

Toilet Space

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Movie: Daisuke Ohki

Video of the main contruction work from January to March 2015