Missions "UD", "Environment", "Bonds"



Our deep concern for people and their lifestyles has continued unchanged for over 90 years.

In 1912, in an era when there were as yet no sewage facilities in Japan and thoughts of hygiene were still nascent, Kazuchika Okura, the founder of TOTO, was deeply impressed by the cleanliness of the ceramic toilets he saw in the West, and he took up the challenge to create a national hygienic ceramic industry based on the idea of “improving the lifestyle of the Japanese people”. Subsequently, at the end of five years’ research, he succeeded in mass-producing Japan’s first hygienic ceramic toilet. This “new product” can indeed be called the start of a “new culture”. TOTO’s manufacturing philosophy is bonded deeply to that moment create when new lifestyle values were created.
The creation of lifestyle values takes form from serious consideration focused firmly on people and their way of living. This attitude is also expressed by our involvement in the environment and universal design as pillars of corporate activity for more than 30 years before they became social trends recently.
Further, these ideas have continued without pause until today.
In the future, also, we will realize “Providing the World a New Every Day” through our three missions of “UD”, “Environment” and “Relation”.

TOTO’s mission

Universal Design

TOTO’s products are used daily by a diverse array of people.
That’s why we’ve been contemplating easy-to-use design for over 30 years, delivering products and creating spaces that are safe, comfortable and fun for all ages and regardless of physical mobility.
The specialized TOTO Universal Design Research Center promotes human research and pursues new heights in user-friendliness every day.
This is what TOTO refers to as universal design.
Universal Design in Everyday Living. TOTO


TOTO’s products are used daily by a diverse array of people.
This inevitably has an impact on the environment, both positive and negative.
While ensuring a comfortable living environment, TOTO aims to protect the natural environment as well.
For that reason, development focuses on water-conserving and energy-saving products, as well as environmental technologies, such as photocatalyst technology, that support healthy, green living.
TOTO has set its own targets for reduction of environmental loads in all business activities from production to logistics and sales.
For the Earth and Living in Harmony with the Environment. TOTO


TOTO’s products are used daily by a diverse array of people.
All of them are designed to be used for a long time.
That’s why TOTO does more than just sell; we forge life-long bonds.
Apart from superior after-sales service, TOTO proposes new lifestyle value beyond expectations in accordance with each lifecycle.
Making full use of showrooms and a remodeling network has enabled strong relationships with customers.
Thus, it is these personal bonds that can make your future more comfortable.
Bonds that Exceed Service. TOTO