CO2 emissions that come from water-circulating areas make up a large part of household emissions, on par with household appliances and private cars.
TOTO Group products are things that people are certain to use every day. The TOTO Group therefore upholds a comfortable environment for people's everyday lives while at the same time actively working to develop and promote the widespread adoption of green products that protect the global environment without people even realizing it. In this way, The TOTO Group makes a positive contribution toward environmental protection.

Also, since the overwhelming bulk of CO2 emissions during a TOTO product’s life cycle are generated during product use, we have been working actively to reduce the environmental load of our products, so as to make a positive contribution to the global environment through its business activities.

Comparison of CO2 emissions at each stage of the TOTO Group business activities [Japan]

Comparison of CO2 emissions at each stage of the TOTO Group business activities [Japan]
  • The scope is TOTO LTD. and its domestic subsidiaries' manufacturing and sales offices.
  • CO2 emission coefficient
    [Electricity (Japan)]
    “Guidelines for Calculating Corporate Greenhouse Gases Emissions(draft ver.1.6)” published by Ministry of the Environment of Japan.
    [Other than electricity]
    “Guideline for Calculation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Version 2.4)” published by Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan
  • CO2 emissions during use is calculated by multiplying the CO2 conversion factor to the amount of energy (electricity and gas) and water consumption in the period in which all of the products that shipped in Fiscal 2015 will be used.

Development of Environmentally Friendly Products

Plumbing products are used daily by a diverse array of people. That means even minimal usage daily is cumulative in nature and can have a major impact on the environment.
For that reason, TOTO Group actively promotes the development of products that protect the environment in daily life without people realizing it.
We develop environmentally friendly products, or "TOTO Group Green Products," based on independent product and environmental assessment criteria, which includes calculating CO2 emissions using lifecycle assessments* from the product planning and design stages.

Product and Environmental Assessment

  • LCCO2 (Lifecycle CO2)
  • Energy-saving
  • Water-saving
  • Pollution prevention
  • Environmental purification
  • 3Rs (Reduce/Reuse/Recycling)

Lifecycle Assessment

Lifecycle Assessment
*A lifecycle assessment quantifies and objectively evaluates the impact of a product on the environment in every stage of its life from the gathering of materials to production, transportation, usage and disposal.

TOTO green products sales ratio

TOTO has facilitated the development and expanded use of "TOTO green products," defined as environmentally friendly, high-performance products.
In fiscal 2015, green products accounted for 80% of net sales for the TOTO Group as a whole.

TOTO green products sales ratio

TOTO green products sales ratio
*Calculations based on those products that contribute to CO2 emission reduction through water conservation (including hot water conservation), energy-saving, etc.