Overview of Environmental Impact



Environmental Loads

In manufacturing and selling residential equipment and various other types of products, not only does TOTO commit water and energy (such as electricity and fuel), but it also inputs a large amount of other resources in the form of raw materials and components, and as a consequence of this, generates waste and CO2 emissions.
A summary of the burden that the TOTO Group’s business activities in Japan have on the environment is shown as the amount of resources input and the degree of environmental load output.

Overview of Environmental Impact (Japan)

Overview of Environmental Loads
  • The scope is TOTO LTD. and its domestic subsidiaries' manufacturing and sales offices.
  • CO2 emission coefficient
    [Electricity (Japan)]
    “Guidelines for Calculating Corporate Greenhouse Gases Emissions(draft ver.1.6)” published by Ministry of the Environment of Japan.
    [Other than electricity]
    “Guideline for Calculation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Version 2.4)” published by Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan
  • Transport fuel management includes TOTO LTD. and all domestic manufacturing subsidiaries including group companies that are not specified shippers.
  • The INPUTs and OUTPUTs during the usage phase are the total amount of energy (electricity, gas) and water consumed during product use for all products shipped in Fiscal 2015, plus the amount of CO2 emissions attributable to this.