TOTO Group aims to be a company that contributes to the development of an affluent and comfortable society with a focus on creating plumbing products.
Natural environmental conservation, including water conservation, is necessary for a sustainable society and business continuity. We thus promote activities for environmental contributions from a standpoint of biodiversity, interacting with local communities and society. For example, we implement water resource recycling and conservation, as well as activities to preserve the forests, which are the sources of water.

What is Green Volunteer?

TOTO Group calls social contribution activities linked to the environment, such as tree-planting and local cleanup activities, Green Volunteer activities, and encourages employees of group companies to participate in such activities. Our main activities are the environmental activity hosted by the grant-making organization of the "TOTO Water Environment Fund," and the "TOTO Acorn Reforestation Project," in which employees of group companies plant acorn seedlings they grew on their own. In addition, we offer various opportunities at each business site to encourage employees of group companies to positively participate in volunteer activities with their families and clients. Such activities are increasing year-by-year, building relationships with local people through activity participation and information exchange.

Social Contribution Activities

Aiming to build, support and live in coexistence with a better society, TOTO has been promoting citizen initiatives under the theme of "Creating a New Culture for Life and Water" since FY2005. Each year the scope of such activities increases, not only because of our financial support but because of information sharing and direct participation in events by TOTO Group employees.
To celebrate our 90th anniversary, we started an Acorn Reforestation Project in fiscal 2006. TOTO Group employees pick up acorns, nurture them at the plant or their homes and return the saplings to the forest with the help from people from local communities. The participants also keep the area clear by cutting the grass after planting.

Cleaning and Tree-planting activities

We are conducting local cleaning activities at each business site. The TOTO headquarters, Kokura No.1 Plant and Kokura No.2 Plant entered a volunteer support program with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to contribute to pleasant community development.

Environmental restoration in disaster areas.

In Kujukurihama in Chiba Prefecture, we are participating in activities to develop protected forests that died in the tsunami during the Great East Japan Earthquake. We are also making a contribution with the hope of restoring the environment in the disaster areas by looking after acorns from the Tohoku region, which TOTO employees are planting in various regions.

Water environment conservation activities in China

In 2008, we established TOTO China Water Environment Fund under the China Environmental Protection Foundation. We provide water-saving educational activities , donate sanitary facilities to orphan asylums and more. In 2014, we constructed facility for the supply of drinking water for elementary and junior highschool in Gansu Province,

Environmental activities at overseas business sites

Employees at all TOTO business sites participate in environmental activities with close ties to the locality, such as planting trees in mangroves in Malaysia, coastal cleaning in Singapore, and tree-planting and cleaning activities throughout China.

Environmental education aimed at children

We are implementing environmental education aimed at children, such as lessons held at local elementary schools and eco-classrooms at plants. These activities communicate the importance of the local environment and water resources through familiar areas where water is used in daily life.

Lessons held at schools

An eco-experience classroom at a plant

A Parent-and-Child Eco classroom at a showroom