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Initiatives to Reduce Packaging Materials

Reduction rate for domestic packaging materials
(compared to FY2009)

  • Scope: TOTO LTD.'s manufacturing sites and all manufacturing sites of consolidated subsidiaries in Japan.
Seeking to reduce waste at construction sites, TOTO formulated its own packaging design guidelines based on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle).

In fiscal 2015, we have achieved reduction rate of 12.4% compared to the 2009 level by changing packaging materials, etc..

Reduce: Lessen the amount of packaging materials
Examples: Simple packaging, no packaging, set packaging
Reuse: Using the same packaging materials repeatedly
Example: Returnable box
Recycle: Concern for recycling
Examples: Using recyclable materials, or devising a product configuration that allows easier separation of the materials at the time of disposal

Examples of Packaging Materials Reduction

PON-PA: A tape-free transport box that is easy to open and close

Maintaining its functionality as a transport box, the PON-PA adopts a lock mechanism that makes it easier to open and close the box, while at the same time preventing the content from coming out. It has eliminated the use of tape on the top and bottom surfaces. Made of a single material, it is easier when being discarded. It also boasts massively improved levels of workability and safety because it can be easily opened and closed without the use of a utility knife.

Open                            Close

Without use of a utility knife              Without use of tape  

Fiscal year Winning Name Point
2000 Logistics Award*1 Returnable package for multi-function toilet seat Returnable package
2001 Electric equipment packaging category Award Compact package for an integrated Washlet Ecological package
2002 Logistics Award Returnable package for multi-function toilet seat Returnable package
Electric equipment packaging category Award*1 Functional package for low-silhouette Washlet Construction-oriented package
2003 Logistics Award Shipping box for components Returnable package
2004 Technical Packaging Award*1 Universality partition Package structure
2005 Appropriate Package Award*1 Paper joint Ecological package
2006 Appropriate Package Award Simple package UD / CS package
2007 Electric equipment packaging category Award*1 Returnable package distributable to multiple sites Ecological package
2008 Electric equipment packaging category Award*1 Package that suspends a Washlet in it Package structure
2009 Japan Star Award: Chairman of Japan External Trade Organization Award*1 Packaging for TOTO NEOREST Package structure
2010 Japan Star Award: Japan Productivity Center Chairman's Award*1*2 Wall-mounted toilet packaging with "wonder" construction Package structure
2011 Appropriate Package Award "Packaging Material 50% Cut" Energy Conservation Package Ecological package
Large Equipment Packaging Category Award "SLIM-ONE-PACKAGE" of Remodeled Toilet Package structure
2012 Japan Star Award: Manufacturing Industries Bureau Award Eco-friendly Package for Washlet Tank Package structure
2014 Japan Star Award: President of Japan Packaging Institute Award*1*2 Buffer material for 3D structures that can be assembled easily by anyone Package structure
Technical Packaging Award: Logistics Award*1*2 Tapeless seal for 13ZJ tank returnable boxes Ecological package
2015 Japan Star Award: Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award*1*2 ”感嘆”開閉BOX「PON-PA」 Ecological package
*1 Packaging that also received ASIASTAR Award at the "ASIASTAR Competition"
*2 Packaging that also received WORLDSTAR Award at the "WORLDSTAR Competition"