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Initiative in Products Environmental Risk Initiatives
Of the major risks identified by the risk management system*, "environmental pollution" and "industrial waste disposal" were classified as environmental risks. Activities to deal with environmental risks before they become a serious problem are being implemented on an ongoing basis in line with TOTO's goal of contributing to the maintenance of a safe society where people can enjoy peace of mind.

Status of Legal Compliance

While endeavoring to prevent pollution relying on our environmental management system, we also make every effort to minimize environmental loads by setting our own strict standards in addition to complying with the law.
Number of cases of violations of environmental laws
*Number of cases in which TOTO and its subsidiaries inside and outside Japan received penalties from regulatory authorities
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Japan 0 0 0 0 0
Overseas 0 0 0 0 1

Penalty of violating quantitative measurement of water discharge from plant in Mexico

We were penalized for violating quantitative measurement of plant water discharge in Mexico in 2015.
As preventive recurrence, we stock spares of flow mater, and check condition regularly.
Furthermore we spread those measures to other plants which have similar regulation.

Plant Initiatives

Those plants in Japan to which the water-quality total-volume restriction applies keep effluent below certain specified levels in order to maintain water quality. In addition, we manage chemical substances appropriately. With regard to substances to which the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) Law applies, the quantity used, emissions and amount of movement are monitored.

•Data regarding air quality, water quality, noise level and vibration level regulatory items for each site (including overseas sites) can be found here (in Japanese):

Measures against Dioxin and promotion of proper PCB disposal

Measures against Dioxin

In February 2012, the TOTO Group announced that it had finished turning off one factory incinerator that had previously been in operation.

Promotion of Proper PCB Disposal

The Kitakyushu PCB Waste Treatment
Facility (from the website of the Japan
Environmental Safety Corporation)
In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, transformers, condensers and stabilizers that have high PCB levels (more than 5000mg/kg) are managed appropriately and 700 units have been disposed of, with another 111 units in storage (as of April 2015). following the disposal plan of Japan Environmental Safety Corporation (JESCO).
In addition, electric devices that have low PCB levels (more than 0.5mg/kg to 5000mg/kg) are disposed as their PCB levels are identified through analysis.