The TOTO Group respects the individuality of each member of our diverse workforce, which differs in such respects as age, gender and nationality. We believe that we can create prosperous and comfortable lifestyles by leveraging the fresh new ideas born from these differences.
A department to promote diversity reporting directly to the Company President was set up in 2005. This included so-called "Kirameki (Sparkling)" activities to maximize the capabilities of female employees and change attitudes. The department was put under the Human Resources Development Division in 2010 and renamed the Diversity Promotion Section. In addition to activities such as promoting the career advancement of women and the hiring of persons with disabilities, the Group has also set up an "employment status step-up" system for temporary and contract workers.

Breakdown of TOTO Group Employees (As of March 31, 2014)

By organization

By organization

By employment type

By employment type

Career Support for Female Employees

At TOTO, we aim for the percentage of women in management to reach 10% by fiscal 2017, which marks TOTO's 100th anniversary. In fiscal 2015, the percentage of women in management in TOTO's domestic Japanese business was 6.9%. Currently, in addition to hiring women for major career track positions, TOTO is promoting hierarchy-based programs for female employees with the goal of supporting female employees and improving their skills. This hierarchy-based training is a program that targets female employees and their managers and we are focusing on improving management skills from management positions, which is necessary for career promotion of female employees, and on increased awareness in managers. Skill acquisition through training programs that takes place in parallel with the involvement of business roles through manager involvement in leading to efficient and effective improvement in skills for female human resources that have had few training opportunities to develop management skill.
Furthermore, in TOTO's business in Japan, we are promoting the transferal of contract staff to sales positions and then appointing them as regular staff.
Through these initiatives, the Company has gained a good reputation for activities that have a female perspective in all aspects of TOTO operations, for building up the workplace environment, and for creating new value for customers through product development. TOTO was included in the first list of the "Top 100 Companies Encouraging Diversity in Management", compiled by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Details of hierarchy-based training to support the careers of female employees

Communication training for female sales staff and managers

This training program targets female sales staff, who are at the time of life where they face major life events, such as marriage and childbirth, and their managers. Female sales staff learn how to build up their careers while maintaining balance with life events, in addition to methods of successful communication with managers. It also gives such employees the opportunity to think for themselves about how their careers will progress after marriage, childbirth and other events. Managers are given a better understanding of the general career cycles and life cycles of working women, and they learn specific support and management principles to promote the careers of female employees.

Step-up training for women

This training consists of four sessions, the aim of which is to teach female employees how to create and own issues and involve colleagues in working out solutions. At the final session, intended to measure participants' progress and attended by managers to whom they directly report, participants give presentations on their projects. Participants' awareness and behavior changed as a result of this training, as the following comments demonstrate: "This training helped me become aware of involving my colleagues and my superiors in my work," "I've learned to focus on work objectives, and that keeps my motivation steady. " "Through this training, I've learned to approach issues from a 'higher' viewpoint," This training has helped change attitudes and will support women employees' further career advancement.

Training for female management position candidates

This type of training aims to develop management skills in female human resources. Participants in each of the programs learn to understand the competencies required by management positions, and work to objectively asses their own abilities in order to identify challenges they face in management and formulate problem-solving plans that they execute in the course of their duties.
In addition, after training, managers of training participants (equivalent to General Manager of the departments affiliated with each site) meets with personnel in charge of Human Resources Departments to share identification of management issues related to training participants and problem-solving plans to support ways in which participant problems are solved and consider how these solutions lead to measurable improvement of skills.

Promoting Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Number of persons with
disabilties employed

The TOTO Group aims to achieve normalization so that persons with disabilities and able-bodied people can operate in all TOTO Group workplaces. The employment rate of persons with disabilities in fiscal year 2014, 2015 exceeded 2.5%, achieving the 2017 target of 2.5% ahead of time. Going forward, TOTO Group companies and SUNAQUA TOTO are collaborating in ongoing initiatives with a goal of a 25% employment rate for persons with intellectual and mental disabilities by fiscal year 2020.
People with disabilities work alongside able-bodied people in all of our workplaces, and we actively consider how to respond to obstacles by planning to facilitate employees with disabilities. We are making a particular effort to develop the right environment at our facilities by, for example, installing elevators that can accommodate wheelchairs, setting up automatic doors at clerical matters office entrances, and establishing toilets that can facilitate wheelchair use.
TOTO also actively conducts study groups that target workplaces before persons with and without disabilities will work together, to enable all parties to learn about relevant considerations, precautions and other elements of a system of acceptance. We also introduce and provide support tools such as boards used for written communication and hands-free phones, and hold periodic meetings for people with disabilities after they join TOTO Group and provide support in order to retain them after employment begins.

Creating a More Global Workforce

Approximately 13,400 employees (43% of the employees of TOTO Group) of foreign nationalities work here at the TOTO Group, and the localization of human resources in overseas Group companies is proceeding. The TOTO Group aims to raise this ratio to 50% by 2017, and endeavor toward becoming a business that grows with its people and that has its roots in the local community. In Japan, we are working to recruit and fairly treat competent human resources, regardless of their nationality, in an effort to obtain and retain a wide variety of human assets. We hire the individuals needed to expand and enlarge overseas businesses. When individuals with different experiences, cultures, and values are brought together, they stimulate each other, energize internal activities, and help to create new value. Our ultimate aim is to become a truly global company.

Employee Composition by Region

Employee Composition by Region

Management and Employment situation(in Japan)

  FY2013 FY2014 FY2015
Male Female Total Percentage of woman Male Female Total Percentage of woman Male Female Total Percentage of woman
Total number of managers 1,943 104 2,047 5.1% 1,895 113 2,008 5.6% 1,901 141 2,042 6.9%
Number of new appointed
91 18 109 16.5% 72 15 87 17.2% 254 36 290 12.4%
Number of employees 5,232 1,689 6,921 24.4% 5,096 1,699 6,795 25.0% 4,653 1,685 6,338 26.6%
Number of hiring persons 91 44 135 32.6% 95 50 145 34.5% 99 29 128 22.7%
  • *Data for regular employees
  • *Counted number of managers is above Senior
  • *Hiring persons include Mid-career recruitment

Management situation(FY2015)

  Male Female Total Percentage of woman
Number of managers
General Manager 774 17 791 2.1%
Manager 2,008 176 2,184 8.1%
Number of managers
(Domestic and oversea)
Domestic total 2,782 193 2,975 6.5%
Oversea total 302 143 445 32.1%
Group total 3,084 336 3,420 9.8%
  • *Number of managers(Domestic) : Data for regular employees and above Senior
  • *Number of managers(oversea) : Proper employees of oversea group companys and above Senior

Reemployment System for Retirees

In light of the April 2013 revision of the Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons, we have achieved 100% reemployment of applicants.
TOTO has put various systems in place in order to, among other things, ensure job security by creating new positions, establish jobs with numerous duties to allow employees to work with a sense of purpose, and create evaluation structures.
We also working to enhance training offered so that it leads to improved motivation and sense of worth by helping employees to create a career vision during the early career stage and by providing opportunities to think about styles of work from one's early 50's and onwards.