Madoka Kitamura President, TOTO LTD.

We will progress toward the next generation with unchanging spirit of our predecessors close to our hearts.

Unchanging Spirit

The TOTO Group conducts corporate activities with the aim of continuing to widely contribute to society and to the earth's environment. Underlying this is our founder's conviction to improve the lifestyle and culture of the people, and to provide a healthy and civilized way of life. This belief has been passed down unbroken to each and every employee as the Common Group Philosophy, and is collectively regarded as the starting point for customer satisfaction.
The TOTO Group's view on CSR management is that corporate activities should be promoted from a perspective of ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance). By doing so, we are working towards a strategic integration of our business and CSR activities.
The core of our business is deeply rooted in the way we think about CSR. This sentiment is clearly recorded in a letter entitled "Words of the Predecessor" which was written by TOTO's first president to his successor, and in our Corporate Mottos. The conviction inherited at our founding is the heart of our manufacturing and the core of management.

Together with all of our stakeholders

I believe our business is for all of our stakeholders from our customers and employees to our shareholders. Continuing to provide products that have social value at the appropriate price is vital to bring satisfaction to our customers.
An environment that is always able to bring out the fullest potential of employees is necessary to achieve this. Therefore, we respect the individuality of people with diverse backgrounds and seek to develop self-motivated human assets who can think and act on their own.
TOTO will contribute to society through our business, which makes practical use of fresh ideas that are borne from our will to challenge to create rich and comfortable lifestyles.
In addition, one important management priority is to see a return of profit to all our shareholders. We are striving to maintain a stable dividend while aiming to bring returns on the profit generated from our business performance.

TOTO V-Plan 2017

In 2009, The TOTO Group developed our long-term management plan, TOTO V-Plan 2017, towards celebrating our 100th anniversary. In this plan, we are focused on becoming a company trusted by everyone in each of our global business regions.
In addition, our products aim to continue to realize lifestyles with a low environmental impact while supporting our customers to live comfortably. We are working to realize this objective as a Group with the TOTO Global Environmental Vision as the driving force behind these business activities.
As the issue of water resource becomes severe, TOTO will offer products that consider the environment to customers around the world as a company that have been closely tied to water since the founding to contribute in realizing a truly sustainable society.

Global expansion

We must strengthen our global expansion of our businesses even further to evolve by achieving the TOTO V Plan 2017, and then track the sustainable growth.
Based on the idea that Japan is one part of the world, we integrated our independent Japan Housing Equipment
Businesses from a global perspective in a new system composed of the Japan Housing Equipment Business, China & Asia Housing Equipment Business, and the Americas & Europe Housing Equipment Business. We will enhance the sustainability and speed of our businesses as well as improve our corporate value by accelerating decision making and reinforcing global links.

Official Partner (Plumbing Equipment) of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

TOTO has entered into an official partnership (plumbing equipment) agreement for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
I hope to contribute to the specific vision of the games based on our corporate philosophy to create an enriched and more comfortable lifestyle and culture built on plumbing products by creating and continually providing plumbing spaces that can be used safely, securely, and comfortably by all of the athletes coming to Japan to compete in the games and all of the people who come to cheer for them.

For the next generation

Although TOTO V-Plan 2017 is our goal for the company's centenary, I see it only as a transit point on our way to the future beyond. We will heighten corporate value by sustaining and accelerating this momentum to exceed the expectations of today for a better tomorrow as a company able to create and provide lifestyle value.

Providing the World a New Every Day.
Everyone in the TOTO Group will work in unison to achieve the goals we have set forth.