Our Environmental InitiativesEnvironmental Purification Initiatives (HYDROTECT)

Simply water and light - using the power of nature to clean the Earth.
HYDROTECT is An innovative solution for a cleaner environment both outside and inside homes and businesses through photocatalytic processes that use only natural resources such as water and light.
It has self-cleaning effect for building facades and also cleans air by removing nitrogen oxides(NOx)emitted by cars and industrial activities.

Preeminent Air Purification Performance

HYDROTECT's capacity to purify air is profound. The performance and utilization method of HYDROTECT Color Coat ECO-EX, a photocatalyst paint for exterior walls, made it the first product to be recognized by the Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan.

Nitrogen oxide (Nox) purification capabilities(µmol)
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Prevalence of HYDROTECT

Starting with creation of the world's first practical tiles with a photocatalytic antibacterial function in 1993, TOTO has increased the uniqueness of HYDROTECT, becoming the first company in the world to succeed in developing super-hydrophilic technology in 1995. HYDROTECT finds applications not only in TOTO's own tile building materials, paints, and coatings, but also in a wide variety of products produced by over 100 companies in Japan and overseas under licensing agreements with TOTO.
Since 2009, TOTO has also been engaged in popularization programs to promote what it calls "HYDROTECT Partners," a global partnership with the common objective of making social and environmental contributions. It has been steadily expanding and popularizing these programs overseas, and at present, major construction materials manufacturers, chiefly in Japan, the United States, and Europe, are participating. In the future, the TOTO Group will be expanding its "Environmental Clean-up Circles."

Hydrotect Partners

Environmental contribution made by HYDROTECT (NOx removal effect)

Calculated from square meters of HYDROTECT for interior and exterior surfaces shipped in Japan and other countries by HYDROTECT Partners as a whole until the end of March 2013.
Calculated from square meters of products with air purification effect shipped in Japan and other countries. The amount of NO2 absorbed by land with greenery (including lawns and other such grassy areas) was calculated as 4.4 mg/m3 per day according to the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency's Manual on Planting for Cleaner Air (Revised Edition).
The amount of NOx emitted by a passenger car that travels an average of 29.0 km per day was calculated as 362.2 mg per day for a DBA gasoline-powered passenger car with an emission coefficient of 0.0125.
Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) of HYDROTECT

HYDROTECT paints stands in contrast to other paints, in that the more it is used the greater the positive effect it has on the environment.

Comparison of Environmental Impacts When Re-Applied Every 20 Years (154.9m2)

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