TOTO Green Volunteer Program

The TOTO Group calls its social contribution initiatives related to the environment such as tree planting and cleanup projects �Green Volunteer� programs and encourages all Group employees to participate in these programs. The main programs are environmental measures sponsored by TOTO Water Environment Fund supporting organizations and the TOTO Acorn Reforestation tree planting projects conducted by Group employees, and in addition, individual offices create various opportunities to participate in programs, and Group employees and their families as well as suppliers actively volunteer. Participating in programs and exchanging information creates interaction with local residents, and the scope of activities is expanding every year.

Activities corresponding to each of the following:An activity that contributes to global environmental conservation An activity that contributes to local communities An unpaid activity (Volunteer activities)

  • Water Environment Fund

    photo Water Environment Fund

    Supports local and citizen projects that protect valuable water resources and ongoing social development.

  • Acorn Reforestation

    photo Acorn Reforestation

    Participants plant acorns, raise them at work or in their gardens, return the saplings to the forest, and perform brush removal after planting them.

  • Cleanup Activity

    photo Cleanup Activity

    Plants and Group companies in various regions conduct cleanup projects in the vicinity and neighborhood of their companies to contribute to the local community.

  • Other Programs

    • photo Planting greenery

      Greening Activity

    • photo Environmental classes for children

      Environmental Education Aimed at children

    • photo Participating in local environmental events

      Participating in local environmental events

    • photo Environmental contribution programs at offices

      Environmental contribution programs at offices

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